Project Overview

Perth First Aid Courses is a prominent provider of accredited first aid training in Australia. They required a digital presence that could adequately reflect their reputable standing in the industry, provide detailed course information, and offer a streamlined booking process for their clients. The challenge was to create an intuitive, user-friendly platform that could handle course descriptions, bookings, and provide essential contact information.


UI/UX Design, Web Development


UX Strategy

Our Solution

Brand Buddys crafted a clean, professional website design, ensuring easy navigation for users. We integrated a comprehensive course listing page, allowing visitors to browse through available courses, understand the course content, duration, and book a slot effortlessly. Additionally, we developed a contact page to ensure that potential customers could easily get in touch with Perth First Aid Courses for any inquiries. The website was optimized for speed and mobile responsiveness to ensure a seamless user experience across various devices.

The Result

Perth First Aid Courses appreciates Brand Buddys’ exceptional expertise in bringing our digital vision to life; their creative and technical acumen has undoubtedly propelled our online education outreach to greater heights.

The newly designed website by Brand Buddys significantly improved the online presence of Perth First Aid Courses, making it easier for individuals and corporate clients to understand the offerings and book courses. The intuitive design led to an increase in course bookings and inquiries, affirming the effectiveness of a user-centric, professionally designed website in enhancing customer engagement and business growth.